helps with my knee pain

My boyfriend bought this for me & I can’t say enough about how effective it is in relieving the pain. I do have to reapply but without it I’m in tears. I’m ever so grateful to this product and my boyfriend for it.

Jeannette M., Tampa chef


I am a stroke victim. My arm has huge dark scars where the skin has torn because of the blood thinners they give me. I’ve been very impressed at how the scars fade and then disappear with the use of your salve.
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All of your salves that I’ve tried are wonderful, but the rosemary salve is my favorite. I have been using it for several years now. I’ve used it for everything from healing cuts and scrapes to bee stings (which I get a lot since I am a beekeeper). I’ve used it for skin infections and heat rash. I’m also a runner and the salve helps prevent and soothe chaffing. I pretty much use it for everything and love it. Thank you for doing what you do.

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I purchased my first salve from you at the herbal farm last year-and remembering to use it all the time, not just for the mosquito protection I purchased it for. It actually helps restore the sun damage on my nose as well. I also discovered it does a better job of healing cuts and scrapes and warding off infection than the Neosporin I used in years past. I’m new to using essential oils and I am loving it!
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In addition to other uses that people mention, my wife and I have found Louise’s salve to be a valuable complement to our lovemaking. A finger-full creates a supple, silky smoothness that is neither too slippery nor too sticky. On her, it enhances manual stimulation and prepares a soft smooth surface for oral attention. On him, it softens the skin and eases initial penetration. Edible and nearly tasteless, it blends seamlessly with natural juices. Chaga and pumpkin are favorites (avoid peppermint). Applied later, it can sooth and aid healing of over-stimulated skin.
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When I can STILL be blown away by its miraculous healing uses of your wonderful salve, I néed to share that! My mom, who is 91, recently burned her fingers on the burner of the stove. The sound of the flesh searing was audible downstairs! Her first instinct was to thrust her burning flesh STRAIGHT INTO that large bottle of your sage salve! Today, there is no noticeable burn!
Coincidentally, I’m visiting them up north, where the temps are below freezing with the wind chills (-6°f) the other day, with zero humidity; chapped lips are healed over night with your peppermint salve!
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Trisha S.

I put the lemon elderflower salve on my face everyday and it is bleaching my sunspots. I do not use sunscreen, it breaks my skin out. I also have a large scar on my face from a burn that is very brown. The elderflower is helping this to appear smaller I am sure it protects from the sun. I have very little of the lemon elderflower left, and I am in Virginia on vacation. I will be home next week and I am hoping it will last until I return. At home I have the peppermint rose hips and I am sure sorry I did not bring it, because the flying bugs are terrible. I am so dependent on your products.
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When I got awful chigger bites from standing in tall grasses, your salve was the only thing that gave me any relief. Before I remembered it, I tried several other things hydrocortisone cream and Calomine lotion – to no avail. The only thing that has given me any relief is your calendula /lavender salve. Should have thought to put some on BEFORE I went out there. It has also helped calm down some “razor rash” from shaving. Gotta get some more!
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